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  Name Title Group Contact
Susan Akers Akers, Susan Administrative Assistant 615-898-0555
Leanne Barrett Barrett, Leanne 2 Year Olds 615-898-0555
Crystal Braswell Braswell, Crystal 3 Year Olds 615-898-0555
Holly Bruser Bruser, Holly Computer and Library 615-898-0555
Susan Buckley Buckley, Susan 4th Grade 615-898-0555
Lylliana (Lilly) Bueche Bueche, Lylliana (Lilly) 2 Year Olds/Teacher 615-898-0555
Katie Carney Carney, Katie 2nd Grade 615-898-0555
Jeanine Carreras Carreras, Jeanine Preschool teacher 615-898-0555
Sister Catherine Marie Catherine Marie, Sister Principal 615-898-0555
Mia Catron Catron, Mia Pre-K Assistant 615-898-0555
Nicole Chauvin Chauvin, Nicole Preschool Director 615-898-0555
George Czernoczky Czernoczky, George Battery Technician 615-898-0555
Sister Delia Grace Delia Grace, Sister 8th Grade 615-898-0555
Ronnie Francescon Francescon, Ronnie Physical Education 615-898-0555
Kelly Frank Frank, Kelly Director of Advancement 615-898-0555
Katie Franklin Franklin, Katie Manager 615-849-0391
Ruthie Glover Glover, Ruthie Art 615-898-0555
DeAnne Hathaway Hathaway, DeAnne Administrative Assistant 615-898-0555
Colleen Hawkins Hawkins, Colleen Assistant Principal 615-898-0555
Diane Holcomb Holcomb, Diane
Leslie Iorio Iorio, Leslie School Counselor
Lori Klukowski Klukowski, Lori 7th Homeroom/6th - 8th gr Science 615-898-0555
Sister Krista Marie Krista Marie, Sister 5th Grade 615-898-0555
Julie Lee Lee, Julie
Alexis Lewis Lewis, Alexis 4th Grade 615-898-0555
Renee Loper Loper, Renee Pre-K Teacher 615-898-0555
Lisa Luscinski Luscinski, Lisa 1st Grade 615-898-0555
Rayna Malone Malone, Rayna 3 Year Olds 615-898-0555
Sister Mary Emily Mary Emily, Sister 2nd Grade 615-898-0555
Mary McLain McLain, Mary 7th Homeroom 615-496-1650
Janice Meacham Meacham, Janice Extended Care 615-898-0555
Julie Menke Menke, Julie 8th Homeroom 615-898-0555
Jennifer Moore Moore, Jennifer 3rd Grade 615-898-0555
Julie Murphy Murphy, Julie Kindergarten 615-898-0555
Rebecca Parton Parton, Rebecca Kindergarten 615-898-0555
Staci Rose Rose, Staci Director of Admissions 615-898-0555
Anna Royal Royal, Anna 1st Grade 615-898-0555
Lisa Sagman Sagman, Lisa 3 Year Olds 615-898-0555
Jennifer Schmitt Schmitt, Jennifer Pre-K Assistant 615-898-0555
Kimberly Senter Senter, Kimberly Spanish 615-898-0555
Madalynne Skelton Skelton, Madalynne Music 615-898-0555
Kimberly Smith Smith, Kimberly Business Manager 615-893-1843
Jody Spurgeon Spurgeon, Jody Teacher 615-898-0555
Kathy Stewart Stewart, Kathy Lunch Room 615-898-0555
Reina Teems Teems, Reina Administrative Assistant
Suzanne Thompson Thompson, Suzanne Administrative Assistant 615-898-0555
Sharon Truax Truax, Sharon 6th Homeroom 615-898-0555
Kori Vagner Vagner, Kori
Jodi Vehr Vehr, Jodi 5th Grade 615-898-0555
Karl Wingruber Wingruber, Karl Band 615-898-0555
Bill Wright Wright, Bill Athletic Director 615-849-0391