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Teacher Wish Lists


Teachers' Wish Lists

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Preschool                                                   Specials
Chompers ~ 2 year olds                                    Art ~ Ruthie Glover
Lambs ~ 3 year olds                                          Band ~ Karl Wingruber
Three Horn ~ 3 years old                                  Computer & Library ~ Holly Bruser
Bronto ~ Pre-K                                                    Madalynne Skelton ~ Music
Stegos ~ Pre-K                                                    Physical Education ~ Ronnie Francescon 
Titans ~ Pre-K                                                     Spanish ~ Kimberly Senter

Kindergarten                                             1st Grade                                              
Julie Murphy                                                        Lisa Luscinski
Rebecca Parton                                                   Anna Royal
2nd Grade                                                  3rd Grade
Katie Carney                                                       Jennifer Moore
Sister Jacinta                                                     Regan Smith
4th Grade                                                   5th Grade
Susan Buckley                                                    Sister Daniela
Alexis Lewis                                                        Jodi Vehr
6th Grade                                                   7th Grade
Jody Spurgeon                                                   Mary Beth McLain
Sharon Truax                                                      Lori Klukowski
8th Grade                                              
Julie Menke                                                   
Sister Delia Grace